July 30, 2015

Pediatric Nurse

Do you enjoy being around children? If so, then an RN job as a pediatric nurse may be a good fit for you. A pediatric nurse offers care to infants, children, and adolescents. This care may range from well visits for preventative medicine to acute care for severe illness or injury. Pediatric nurses may work in hospital emergency rooms, pediatric intensive care units (PICU), doctor’s offices, clinics, schools, or in the pediatrics branch of a hospital. They may perform physical examinations, diagnose illnesses or injuries, administer medication, immunization, or other treatments, and offer education and support to the families of patients. Typical duties might include giving shots, inserting catheters, taking blood samples, or taking the patient’s blood pressure. Some pediatric nurses specialize in specific types of children’s care, such as pediatric oncology (caring for young cancer patients) or pediatric cardiology (caring for children with heart disorders).

Pediatric nurses must be compassionate and gentle. They must be knowledgeable about the factors of child development and growth, and they must be able to communicate effectively with their young patients and their patients’ families. They must genuinely enjoy being around children, and they must be effective at managing stress.

The field of pediatric nursing is growing rapidly. Pediatric nurses with a few years’ experience can earn as much as $66,000 per year. In order to become a pediatric nurse, you must first become licensed as a registered nurse. Then, you would seek employment with a healthcare facility that serves children. This will help you gain the experience you need to specialize in pediatric nursing.