July 30, 2015

Nurse Anesthesiologist

A career as a nurse anesthesiologist is one of the advanced RN jobs available to nurses. Surgeons and doctors who are operating on patients usually need the help of a nurse anesthesiologist. Nurse anesthesiologists administer most of the anesthesia in American hospitals. They make sure that patients receive safe and effective pain relief before, during, and after surgical procedures.

As a nurse anesthesiologist, you will assess the patient, study their medical background and needs, and verify their health information. You will then prepare the correct amount of an appropriate anesthesia that will safely carry the patient through the procedure. You will be a reassuring presence for the patient by answering questions and calming pre-surgical anxiety. Following the procedure, you will prepare reports and deliver them to the patient’s doctors and nurses.

Nurse anesthesiologists must be able to work as a team player with a group that may include an anesthesiologist or others in a supervisory role. They must be able to work well in stressful situations. They carry a lot of responsibility, and as such, they must have a lot of schooling before they can qualify. The typical nurse anesthesiologist obtains a four-year degree, then works through four years of medical school, and finally completes four years of residency training. You will also need to obtain your registered nurse certification in order to work in an operating room or health care facility.

Nurse anesthesiologists make excellent salaries. The average nurse anesthesiologist can earn more than $147,000 annually. The science of anesthesiology is relatively new, but it is one of the greatest advances in medical science. It has allowed patients to avoid the unspeakable pain of surgical procedures. A career as a nurse anesthesiologist can be highly rewarding, as it offers the satisfaction of helping patients receive the care they need without pain.