July 26, 2015

NCLEX Lesion Review

Occipital Lobe Homonymous hemianopsia, partial seizures with limited visual phenomena
Thalamus Contralateral thalamus pain, contralateral hemisensory loss
Pineal gland Early hydrocephalus, papillary abnormalities, Parinaud’s syndrome
Internal capsule Hemisensory loss, homonymous hemianopsia, contralateral hemiplegia
Basal ganglia Contralateral dystonia, Contralateral choreoathetosis
Pons Diplopia, internal strabismus, VI and VII involvement, contralateral hemisensory and hemiparesis loss, issilateral cerebellar ataxia
Broca’s area Motor dysphasia
Precentral gyrus Jacksonian seizures, generalized seizures, hemiparesis
Superficial parietal lobe Receptive dysphasia