July 28, 2015

NCLEX Definitions

Pachyderma-increased thickness of the skin

Paroxysm-sudden attack

Pathogenic-disease causing

Pathologist-individual who studies pathology

Pediculosis-condition of lice

Percutaneous- penetrating the skin

Pleuritis-inflammation of the pleura

Pneumonia-disease of the lung related to infection

Pneumoconiosis-dust in the lung’s condition

Pneumothorax-air in the chest resulting in the collapse of a lung

Pneumatocele-hernia associated with the lung

Posterior-related to the rear/back position

Prognosis-opinion of an individual about outcomes

Pruritus-uncontrollable itching

Pyelolithotomy-incision to remove a stone from the renal pelvis

Pyeloplasty-repair of the renal pelvis

Pyosalpinx-pus in the fallopian tube

Pyuria-pus in the urine