July 30, 2015

Medical Surgical Nurse

When most people think of registered nurses, they are most likely picturing the work of a medical surgical nurse. Before any of the other RN jobs were developed, all registered nurses were medical or surgical nurses. They worked in hospital wards helping patients through illnesses and assisting physicians with surgery and other tasks.

Today, the medical surgical nurse is still the most common kind of nurse. It is a highly respected profession and is no longer thought of as a means for becoming a specialized nurse. It is not only the most common profession for nurses, but it is in fact the largest group of any type of practicing professional.

Medical surgical nurses may work in a wide variety of settings, including inpatient care units, ambulatory care units, HMOs, home health care, urgent care centers, surgical centers, long-term care centers, clinics, military posts, nursing homes, schools, and universities. They have many tasks throughout the day. They may care for as many as seven patients at any time. They assess the medical status of the patient, administer medication and other treatments, take blood samples, offer any type of care the patient might need, and keep accurate records and documents. They may care for patients of any age, from children to the elderly. Medical surgical nurses may help patients who are suffering from long-term illnesses, or they may assist patients before and after surgery.

In order to be a medical surgical nurse, a person must possess a wide range of skills. Medical surgical nurses must be organized, quick to analyze data and make decisions, able to work with technology and complex medical equipment, and able to prioritize. They must be compassionate and physically resilient. They must keep themselves updated on the most current aspects of health care so that they can educate patients and their families on the best way to handle their particular medical issue.

Any registered nurse can become a medical surgical nurse. Medical surgical nurses make an average of $50,000 per year. A career as a medical surgical nurse can be incredibly satisfying. Nurses feel rewarded to see a patient recover to wellness due to their efforts.