July 30, 2015

Labor and Delivery Nurse

One of the most popular RN jobs is that of labor and delivery nursing. A labor and delivery nurse is similar to an OB/GYN nurse, but works specifically with pregnant or delivering mothers and newborn infants in a variety of situations. Of course, labor and delivery nurses help their patients just before, during, and after labor and childbirth. They also deal with complications in pregnancy and assist in postpartum care. They not only provide medical help, but they also offer instruction, advice, and reassurance to new moms. Many labor and delivery nurses would not dream of doing any other job.

Labor and delivery nurses must be empathetic and supportive. Giving birth can be extremely painful and frightening. The labor and delivery nurse must be able to offer calm reassurance to mothers and their families. They must be good communicators and flexible enough to deal with quickly-changing situations.

Labor and delivery nurses make an average of $55,000 annually. In order to become a labor and delivery nurse, you must obtain your bachelor’s degree in nursing and pass the nursing exam. You also must log some hours in general practice in order to gain the necessary experience and skills. However, in response to a great need for L and D nurses, some hospitals establish training programs to take new nursing school graduates and develop them into labor and delivery nurses.

Some labor and delivery nurses obtain additional certification in order to become neonatal nurses or nurse midwives. Neonatal nurses work with premature or critically ill newborns. If you’d like to pursue one of these specialized nursing jobs, you will be eligible to take a certification exam after two years of working as a labor and delivery nurse.