July 30, 2015

Case Manager Nurse

If you consider yourself a people person and enjoy working one-on-one with patients and their families, you may want to consider an RN job as a case manager nurse. Case manager nurses do just what the name implies—they help patients and their families make the best choices and get the best outcome for their specific medical cases.

As a case manager nurse, you will personally assess and monitor your patients. You will review their medical history, analyze their options, and coordinate their care. Many patients are overwhelmed by a variety of medical appointments, doctors, specialists, surgeons, and procedures. Case manager nurses keep track of everything and patients stay organized, offering clarity and good advice to their patients. They also act as advocates for the patients, ensuring that the procedures that are being suggested are the most cost-effective and medically appropriate choices. As such, they also help to save the facility from unnecessary expenses.

Case management nurses often specialize in areas of medical concern or in specific groups of people. For example, they may focus on pediatrics or on the elderly, or they may work in fields like cancer, neurological issues, AIDS, or organ transplantation.

A case manager develops a professional relationship with the patient in order to perform assessments. Once the case manager collects all the data, he or she analyzes it and offers recommendations. Case managers may meet with the patient’s physicians or specialists to discuss treatment options or arrange referrals.

Top-ranking case manager nurses may earn over $75,000 per year. If you are already a registered nurse, you can move into the field of case management without extra schooling. However, you may want to consider obtaining a case management certificate in order to give you a competitive advantage in the field.